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Wednesdays can be the hardest day to get through during the week. Now you can look forward to a Gay Asian potluck every month! Bring some food to share, and you’ll be sure to have fun!

It’s time for some discussion around the table! Topics range from sex lives, to cruising, to the fun of being you ;)

Date: Wednesday, November 30
Time: 6:00 – 9:00PM
Location: Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS)
260 Spadina Ave, Unit 410

Please remember to bring something to share for the potluck. It doesn’t have to be a lot or expensive. We appreciate any contribution.

Contact the men’s team for more info!

Brian-Bao Ly
Men’s Program Coordinator
(416) 963-4300 ext. 236 ∙

Ryan Tran
Men’s Sexual Health Coordinator
(416) 963-4300 ext. 235 ∙

Michael Adia
Men’s Outreach Worker
(416) 963-4300 ∙

ACAS (Asian Community AIDS Services) provides HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and support services to the East and Southeast Asian Canadian communities. Our programs are based on a pro-active and holistic approach to HIV/AIDS and are provided in a collaborative, empowering, and non-discriminatory manner.

ACAS Men’s Program presents SLAM!: Sex Love Asian Men.

SLAM! addresses health and social issues within the LGBT Asian Men community, and is a program which helps discussion, education, and lifestyles. Our goal is to create a place to discuss and share our experiences, our skills and knowledge with our peers of all orientation, and by exploring holistic and empowering approaches to our identity: physical, emotional, and sexual.

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