ACAS Men’s Program presents SLAM!: Sex Love Asian Men.

HEY! We wanted to invite you to ACAS’ annual SLAM gathering! THE forum for (self-identified) gay, bi, queer, cis and trans Asian guys by Asian guys – on Saturday, March 18th 2017.

This years theme is “Share the T”

Let’s share some truth, some juicy gossip and get real about the issues facing You (gay-bi-queer) asian men!. We’d love to have you and hear from you. This is our community after all! How can we make it better?

As always it’s totally FREE and lunch is on us! Invite a friend or two!


***This event is FREE. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please advise of any food allergies or diet restrictions in the registration***

SLAM2017 ShareTheT Poster 01 - Online


As Asian men, we were raised with distinct cultural values and beliefs that inform and guide our lives when it comes to talking about sex and sexual health. In a world filled with complex issues and conflicting messages, many of us receive information based on rumour and inaccurate perspectives. As a result, we may act on or make decisions that may lead to negative consequences.

This interactive forum has been designed to address some of the issues facing Asian gay and bi men in a fun and safe environment. It will be a great opportunity to discuss and share our experiences, skills and knowledge with our peers of all orientations in the spirit of mutual friendship. By exploring holistic and empowering approaches to our health (physical, emotional, sexual), lifestyles and identities, we as Asian men will be able to reaffirm our place in society.